Texturing Aircraft wing Panel technique

September.21.2011 · Posted By - Allan

I have been doing aircraft models for quite sometime now and never had the chance to make some tips texturing them, i know it will  benefit  those who wanted to learn and create cool looking texture for their models.

Here are some of the texturing i did recently





























The walkthrough tutorials covers the proper layering and weathering technique and learn how to manipulate

textures according to what the subject project maybe, the image below is the end result of the project and you

can watch the video via VIMEO that i have provided in the link













Watch the video here http://vimeo.com/29410553


July.21.2011 · Posted By - Raf

As we all know, Object Parenting is definitely important in the aspect of animation, because before you create an animation, everything must be arranged in their appropriate places. Here’s a simple overview of what I’m trying to impose.

PARENT – is considered as the main object of the model
CHILD – is considered as a sub-object of the model

The image below shows a 3d model of our CRJ-700 Airplane. This model doesn’t have parent/child settings. So first thing to do is define …

Biped in 3DS Max Part 1: Setting up Biped

January.05.2011 · Posted By - Von

A character rig or “Biped” in 3ds Studio Maxwhich is pre-made and allows the user to adjust the rig to fit the character they will be animating. Dedicated curve editors and motion capture data import tools make Character Studio ideal for character animation. “Biped” objects have other useful features that automated the production of walk cycles and movement paths, as well as secondary motion (from wiki).

This tutorial is for beginner to …