July.19.2011 · Posted By - Von

As “Perspectx Goes Extreme”, I’ve created the landing gears for CH47 Helicopter.

Here are the images. First two images are the non-textured and unfinished mesh. Then the rest are final.

The landing gear are consist of four non-retractable landing gears mounted on the fuselage. The front landing gears are a fixed cantilever type and have twin wheels while the rear landing gears are in a single wheel that can have a full swivel type.

I think this landing gear models is enough for our very first PerspectX Extreme 3d Model. (Watch out for it in four 3d marketplace: PerspectX Store, Turbosquid, Exchange3d and FallingPixel)

Next to this is the Engine of CH47 Helicopter.


July.18.2011 · Posted By - Allan

The whole team at PerspectX came up with the idea to build something we havent done before in terms of building models, Paul, Rex and myself decided to make an aircraft that we love so much and ended up choosing the CH-47 Chinook. The CH-47 is so versatile that it can carry a number of troops, heavy equipment, artillery, MRAPs, whatever you throw at it and has been one of the most used helicopters in our military …

Storyboards pt 1: To Board or not to Board

July.26.2009 · Posted By - Rex

Okay, pardon the cheesy title.  On any animation project we’ve got around here at PerspectX, we’ve asked that question.  And the consensus is that unless your animation is a turntable, it is important to storyboard the project … If an animation requires telling a story, you should storyboard.  The price of not storyboarding, is rehashing and reshaping your work or having your client do it at your expense.  It’s worth a percentage of the project schedule and budget to do …