PerspectX GOES EXTREME – CH47D CHINOOK helicopter

November.14.2011 · Posted By - Von

Here are the complete progress list of our Chinook CH47 Extreme:


1. CH47 Airframe

2. CH47 Cockpit Part 1 of 2

3. CH47 Cockpit Part 2 of 2

4. CH47 Landing Gears

5. CH47 Rotor

6. CH47 Engine


It’s a two months project that includes looking for a good reference images, modeling, texturing, rendering and publishing on our Store and on Turbosquid. We had fun creating this object which we called CH47 Chinook Extreme 3d model.


The Ch47D Chinook Helicopter comes with a multi 3d format that you can use on your presentation/animation. It has 1,110.3992 polygon count and 1,252,989 vertices count. The texture resolutions are mostly 4096×4096 and 2048×2048. So if your looking for a high extremely detailed Chinook Helicopter, you must get this one for a good price!


Get CH47D Chinook Helicopter Extreme Model (link below)

PerspectX StoreCH47D Chinook Helicopter

Turbosquid StoreCH47D Chinook Helicopter

Fallingpixel Store – Coming Soon!

Exchange3d Store – Coming Soon!


We are building another Extreme 3d model so watch for it! Open-mouthed smile

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