July.18.2011 · Posted By - Allan

The whole team at PerspectX came up with the idea to build something we havent done before in terms of building models, Paul, Rex and myself decided to make an aircraft that we love so much and ended up choosing the CH-47 Chinook. The CH-47 is so versatile that it can carry a number of troops, heavy equipment, artillery, MRAPs, whatever you throw at it and has been one of the most used helicopters in our military operations and with non military service.

Our goal is to build the model from its airframe, fuselage assembly, complete cockpit details, electrical harness, interior panelings and cargo attachments and so on. The Second phase is to build the mechanical details of the aircraft including the drive train, engine, landing gear, rotors and most of the items we thought we could build according to the aircraft manuals and assembly part breakdowns. Insane? Yeah I guess so thats why we call it Extreme.

We split up  every section in building the CH47 among ourselves, my task is the main body and its airframe, Paul is on the interior and the rest of our team divided each sections helping out creating this model as close to the real thing as possible. We shared one set reference blueprints making sure all parts we build will fit exactly when we assemble it, the right scale and positions are daily reviewed by the team to monitor its consistency and quality.





































































































There’s a lot of work and tons of detail to add but we are excited to see the end result, we’re not there yet but slowly seeing things coming along pretty well.




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