Brochures for more effective marketing

November.14.2011 · Posted By - Allan

Marketing materials do good results and its nothing new these days but making it more effective one must deliver it correctly, a few tips will surely help.

1. Deliver your market in a much sensible way

2. Who’s your target

3. Focus what is best in your line of expertise

4. Show things which are not ordinary, make it stand out

5. Layout! make your page graphically striking.

our sample below for the architectural brochure.






July.27.2011 · Posted By - Rex

You can spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on special viewing hardware, sets, and special compositing and editing software, but I wanted to talk about how to dabble in it ‘on the cheap’, where the additional investment might just be $6.00 and some patience. (using my trusty, bought and paid for animation and compositing, editing tools).

I’d recommend, for this route, if you do not already have a 3DVision or other stereo setup, just to get some good Anaglyphic Red/Cyan glasses.  …

Livery made easy

November.23.2010 · Posted By - Allan

Something that i usually do when generating aircraft Liveries is using the Pen tool in Photoshop, this creates a curve lines that you can manipulate each point to spline behaviour, it creates fine profile where you can convert them to either selection, mask or just a line path for different type of layer editing.

Heres a simple background of an Aircraft that i use to generate fine profile curves that later be use for UV matching and later apply them to …