Brochures for more effective marketing

November.14.2011 · Posted By - Allan

Marketing materials do good results and its nothing new these days but making it more effective one must deliver it correctly, a few tips will surely help.

1. Deliver your market in a much sensible way

2. Who’s your target

3. Focus what is best in your line of expertise

4. Show things which are not ordinary, make it stand out

5. Layout! make your page graphically striking.

our sample below for the architectural brochure.





Building 458 Italia – Chapter 2

August.23.2009 · Posted By - Allan


Setting up the Backdrop images:

In this chapter we will learn how we put the backdrop images for use in our tracing type of modeling, the images below shows how i put them to view, with Modo i can manually adjust the size, orientation and its axis value in backdrop properties untill i get both references touches its end to end to make sure i get the right length of the top image and the left image, this is very important …

Building 458 Italia – Chapter 1

August.23.2009 · Posted By - Allan


Getting a Reference:

When it comes to building cars i always wanted to look at how i can make my modeling much easier and the biggest role of the process is having a good reference. Blueprint to be exact! but what if the car you wanted or the manufacturer is too shy to show off their secret build, sometimes (or generally always) they are too desperate to hide their prize possession by putting putty, black covers or even an armour looking …