Building 458 Italia – Chapter 1

August.23.2009 · Posted By - Allan


Getting a Reference:

When it comes to building cars i always wanted to look at how i can make my modeling much easier and the biggest role of the process is having a good reference. Blueprint to be exact! but what if the car you wanted or the manufacturer is too shy to show off their secret build, sometimes (or generally always) they are too desperate to hide their prize possession by putting putty, black covers or even an armour looking casts wrapping around the car body, fearing photographers reveal their raw design to public and exposing it to other competitors that could lead to a premature copy or the likeness, and this of course is a pain sometimes to most of 3d artist who wanted to create to as close to accurate models, but we artists dont need to get all the minute details that most common recipe to build a real car, rather what we always wanted is to catch the most common shots which is the orthographic view.. side, top, front and back but sometimes the two will do which are the sides and top and we can always look and match it in several angles of images as we model, and the case in this building the 458 italia is what best describes the idea i mentioned.

This car is something that just pulled out of Maranello garage weeks ago and the search for the blueprint is no success not if you purchase one and you will get some drawings with your personal manual, oh Rex! even if you give me my 20yrs bonus i couldn’t buy this beauty! sob..sob..sob.., OK to start of you can search good references via google or other image search engine, here i foundĀ  a good top view and not so flat side view and several images in detail views that you can look frequently to suite your judgement whether you are heading in the right direction or not, just the basic instinct and good eye and you can go smoothly and with less struggle.





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