Building 458 Italia – Chapter 2

August.23.2009 · Posted By - Allan


Setting up the Backdrop images:

In this chapter we will learn how we put the backdrop images for use in our tracing type of modeling, the images below shows how i put them to view, with Modo i can manually adjust the size, orientation and its axis value in backdrop properties untill i get both references touches its end to end to make sure i get the right length of the top image and the left image, this is very important because you need to match each reference images dimension in each viewport you are working on to get consistent tracing with your modeling process.Maya, Max, Lightwave and C4d applies the same if youre using one of these softwares.

Picture 2

Picture 3

Not all times you encounter zero problems aligning these references unless you really get a good blueprint, in the case on this tutorial there are trials and errors, why? because if you notice the side profile of the image is not really a flat shot or i say not a perfect orthographic side view, camera lens have these focal distance and dimensions, its like your eyes are always looking at a perspective view with end point over a distance making your peripheral view seems like skinny when things gets farther from your eyes and widens as it closes to you.The difference with having a blueprint is you really get a flat image and that is translated with a real dimension drawings of the subject so you get the Holy flatness you can get.Same thing applies to the top reference you see in the images above, yes its not perfect flat so the accuracy of your modeling process is somewhere at 90% not bad but you can get it much closer to a real dimension if you really have the eye for details so it is always important to constantly looking at the 3/4 view on some of the references of your subject model, that is the only way you can make sure your doin the right thing, i dont want to sound like this process is horrifying but this is something that we always need to get a little attention, patience and right preparation and the reward is when we begin the modeling process and will make things easier.

When the backdrops are well aligned or your trick just worked ( non blueprint refs) then its time to get the modeling procedure, but before heading to the first task, i always make sure that my backdrops are less contrast to my viewport, i made is much pale and i also reduce the visibility to about 70% or more making it almost a ghost but not to the point that i lost view of the important details in the picture, just about right that my eyes have easy viewing it and not to hinder the  visibility of the polys when they are already present.In Modo go to items+images+properties and adjust contrast and transparency to your desired visibility.

You think were ready? ok lets grab a beer and set your chair to a more comfortable position and we will begin the fun part on the next chapter.

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