perspectx goes extreme – ch47 engine

August.14.2011 · Posted By - Von

A continuation of my contribution for CH-47 Chinook Helicopter ‘Extreme’.

I started it with a polygon cylinder then extrude mesh for the main part of the engine. On the wirings, I used EP Curve tool in maya and Nurbs circle (Will probably make a simple blog tutorial for it). After creating more details, I did UV and texturing. Some of the small parts on the middle of the engine are textured.

Here are the screen progress of CH-47 Engine in first version to final version of details and textures.


By the way CH-47 Chinook has a twin-engine, so I just mirrored it.

In just a few weeks Our CH-47 Chinook Helicopter ‘Extreme’ will be launched on four 3d marketplace: PerspectX Store, Turbosquid, Exchange3d, FallingPixel.


July.26.2011 · Posted By - Pidiong

Here’s my contribution as PerspectX Goes Extreme. I’ve been given the task to model and uv/texture the Rotors of the said aircraft. This particular helicopter has a twin-engine, tandem rotor. The internet provided many references I needed to model the rotor as close to accurate as possible.

Here’s a reference pic showing the rotor head close-up:

And here’s an exploded diagram of the different components:

With these references pictures guiding me as to how the rotor looks …


July.19.2011 · Posted By - Paul

As a follow up to the previous blog by Allan I have decided to talk about the instrument panels, seat, and cyclic and collective stick creation for the Extreme model version of the CH-47 we are currently working on. 

The instrument panel replicates the one used in the current CH-47D.  Various references on the Internet include diagrams and photos.  I have tried to be as accurate as I can and the results of the work can be seen below.  Perhaps …