July.19.2011 · Posted By - Von

As “Perspectx Goes Extreme”, I’ve created the landing gears for CH47 Helicopter.

Here are the images. First two images are the non-textured and unfinished mesh. Then the rest are final.

The landing gear are consist of four non-retractable landing gears mounted on the fuselage. The front landing gears are a fixed cantilever type and have twin wheels while the rear landing gears are in a single wheel that can have a full swivel type.

I think this landing gear models is enough for our very first PerspectX Extreme 3d Model. (Watch out for it in four 3d marketplace: PerspectX Store, Turbosquid, Exchange3d and FallingPixel)

Next to this is the Engine of CH47 Helicopter.

  • Allan

    Nice details

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