November.03.2010 · Posted By - Paul

With the ball turret finished I decided to start the interior construction from the front of the aircraft to the back.  The piece of interior equipment that lives at the far front of the B-17 is the Norden bombsight.  Due to the fame of this piece of equipment and the fact that it can be seen from outside the aircraft through the large nose window I decided to put a lot of detail into it. In fact, so much detail went into it that the poly count of the bombsight is as high as the entire ball turret I discussed in the previous blog.  Here are some images:




November.03.2010 · Posted By - Paul

Now that the low poly version of the B-17 has been released it’s time to work on the detailed interior for the higher poly version that is intended to be released during Summer 2011.

Since the B-17 ball turret is pretty self contained I decided to work on that first.  Even though the turret is pretty small in the real world (barely big enough to fit a single person), it is filled with a surprising amount of equipment.  One of …

Building a High Quality B-17 (First in a Series)

September.07.2010 · Posted By - Paul

Over the next few months I intend to release a series of blogs here on the site related to the building of a B-17 aircraft in Maya.  This particular model is highly detailed and I hope to show through this series the process I went through to build and texture the model.


Over the years PerspectX has built a lot of aircraft models for sale on Turbosquid as well as our own site.  We have essentially become experts in this kind …