Building a High Quality B-17 (First in a Series)

September.07.2010 · Posted By - Paul

Over the next few months I intend to release a series of blogs here on the site related to the building of a B-17 aircraft in Maya.  This particular model is highly detailed and I hope to show through this series the process I went through to build and texture the model.


Over the years PerspectX has built a lot of aircraft models for sale on Turbosquid as well as our own site.  We have essentially become experts in this kind of vehicle modeling since we have built a few hundred aircraft and we have worked with various aviation firms.  The B-17 I am building will go beyond anything we have done so far in terms of detail.  This aircraft will have both an interior as well as an exterior.  In fact, the interior will be its big selling point.


Each part of this series will show the progress of the model as it is being built and I will also spend time detailing my creation process.  Hopefully these blogs will inspire you to try something like this as well.

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