The engine animation

September.27.2013 · Posted By - Allan

Extending my recent post with regards to engine building, I posted here the animation which concludes my personal project which also made us to win work with GE.


GE TF-34 TurboFan engine.



All about Jet engines Pt.1

September.09.2013 · Posted By - Allan

For the past 6 months team of modelers here at PerspectX decided to commit at building extreme models, a team dedicated building detailed aircraft to offer our costumers the next level of 3d models, although we have done this in the past and it is nothing new to us except that this time we are more on a “regular commitment” .

To start of building this vision, Paul who is one of our senior modelers choose to build the Fairchild A10 …

PerspectX GOES EXTREME – CH47D CHINOOK helicopter

November.14.2011 · Posted By - Von

Here are the complete progress list of our Chinook CH47 Extreme:


1. CH47 Airframe

2. CH47 Cockpit Part 1 of 2

3. CH47 Cockpit Part 2 of 2

4. CH47 Landing Gears

5. CH47 Rotor

6. CH47 Engine


It’s a two months project that includes looking for a good reference images, modeling, texturing, rendering and publishing on our Store and on Turbosquid. We had fun creating this object which we called …