All about Jet engines Pt.1

September.09.2013 · Posted By - Allan

For the past 6 months team of modelers here at PerspectX decided to commit at building extreme models, a team dedicated building detailed aircraft to offer our costumers the next level of 3d models, although we have done this in the past and it is nothing new to us except that this time we are more on a “regular commitment” .

To start of building this vision, Paul who is one of our senior modelers choose to build the Fairchild A10 also known as the “Warthog” this aircraft is an effective tank deterrent and many of the aircraft enthusiast love its uniqueness and capability. He spent many weeks putting up together each parts from the cockpit and everything else that makes this aircraft as what it is, a sneak peak of the uber detailed aircraft in the image below.—————————————————————————————————————


So watch out for the Extreme A10 soon to hit our store and I guarantee you it is worth buying if you have projects related to this aircraft, there is also a mid level detail version that is already available for those who want to get one and is at a reasonable price but minus the bells and whistles of the soon to be available extreme version pictured above. Here is the direct link to our A10 product

The TF-34 Turbo Fan engine

As each team contributes building parts for this aircraft I myself got involved making the engine, it was a serious business as the reference or the blueprint is nearly impossible to acquire. I had to rely on few images from scale model builders and 2d drawings that are available on the web, a few resources I used are this images.



































I will not go on the full details of building this engine just a typical modeling technique as would anyone do, with the limited resources I had to carefully omit what is available and make the most out of it. Here are the series of images after everything was modeled.



























































And a few eye candies 🙂 after a rigorous UV mapping and texturing applied.

































































After more than a week of modeling the TF-34 engine the challenge did not end there yet as I have to fit this accurately with our detailed version of the A10, the engine bay and doors need to be fairly textured too but since this model was scaled correctly to conform to the engine bay the need for the engine mount was not too difficult and we managed to put it in place. This is my first attempt building a jet engine and i’d say if you do not have good references it will be a tough thing to do, the limited resources I had made me think I need to study more on each part and their functions to effectively recognize how you would put them together correctly. If you are wondering if this particular model is for sale you can get them here and is available in popular 3d format.

I will post the animated explode view of this engine sometime this week and I will talk about the new engine that I already built (GE F414) and was used at the trade show for GE and Boeing. Thanks for reading !