All about Jet engines Pt.1

September.09.2013 · Posted By - Allan

For the past 6 months team of modelers here at PerspectX decided to commit at building extreme models, a team dedicated building detailed aircraft to offer our costumers the next level of 3d models, although we have done this in the past and it is nothing new to us except that this time we are more on a “regular commitment” .

To start of building this vision, Paul who is one of our senior modelers choose to build the Fairchild A10 …

Brochures for more effective marketing

November.14.2011 · Posted By - Allan

Marketing materials do good results and its nothing new these days but making it more effective one must deliver it correctly, a few tips will surely help.

1. Deliver your market in a much sensible way

2. Who’s your target

3. Focus what is best in your line of expertise

4. Show things which are not ordinary, make it stand out

5. Layout! make your page graphically striking.

our sample below for the architectural brochure.





Texturing Aircraft wing Panel technique

September.21.2011 · Posted By - Allan

I have been doing aircraft models for quite sometime now and never had the chance to make some tips texturing them, i know it will  benefit  those who wanted to learn and create cool looking texture for their models.

Here are some of the texturing i did recently





























The walkthrough tutorials covers the proper layering and weathering technique and learn how to manipulate

textures according to what the subject project maybe, the image below is the end …