Case Study – Browning Safe Ad

May.16.2010 · Posted By - Rex

Production Company: Alvey Media Group

Client: Browning

Role: Modeling, Texturing, Effects, Lighting, Animation


Most know Browning as a maker of rifles, but they also have a long standing line of safe products. Alvey Media Group connected with us in the fall of 2008 to help bring one of Browning’s safe products to life.

In the 30 second spot, a burglar breaks in to a home and attempts to break in to Browning’s safe. To his surprise, the safe comes to life, and pursues him down the street, after bursting through the door and door frame of the home.

Work started using reference photography of the home, and doorway, and HDR reference was taken of the night lit environment. We had the task of modeling the façade of the door, doorway and porch, and matching lighting. Of course an accurate safe model was created too, based on reference and engineering files provided by the client.

Using BlastCode, and Maya’s rigid dynamics, we simulated the safe breaking free, taking with it the door, door frame, and a number of bricks along the way. We also used Maya’s traditional dynamics to render sprite driven dust and debris as secondary effects. Finally, Alvey added photographed destruction elements and color corrected the shot, adding some camera shake.

Most of the shots were still but two had to incorporate some simple tracking. We set up and rendered the sequences, and the production company took it from there. Take a look at the layered breakdown in the ‘mini reel’ accompanying this project.

Any input or questions are appreciated.