Posable Miniature Robot project

May.31.2011 · Posted By - Allan

It was month long since i started to work again in Maya from my previous gigs in Modo modeling software, i wanted to start something that is 100% maya made and i kinda have the hang of it using the tools available. Well i thought being a grown up will really take away your fantasy with toys and i found out that i still have that little boy feeling inside me..toys were always attractive, and they bring us joy far away from money 🙂

My little fantasy ended up making this little robot that i plan to animate when its all done, the common tools in maya does give me freedom to build things i wanted to. This model btw is a toy that is possable, shells that are detachable and can mix up with different shells that in my WORLD i can build customized to my liking. Screengrabs below, ill post progress of the texturing if time permits then later on animate it.