Sculpting with MudBox Pt.2

December.29.2010 · Posted By - Allan

At last i finally find time to continue my personal learning process with Mudbox, this one is  just a short preview of what i have progress for the past day, covered in this process was detailing the hair and overall skin details.

The hair is a bit tricky since my reference model have that loose curly hair and achieving that looks really consumed my time fiddling with mudbox sculpt tools, it may not look so precisely identical from the picture but i tried to atleast make it as much closer as what it should look.



Combing the hair is fun but the same time hard to achieve specially when using your mouse alone doing all complex sculpting. I added the beard using a stamp tool that loaded with png preset brush that resembles a hair strand, paying attention to how strong or light the pressure you should apply, here i mixed with strand and speckeled map that mimics a shorter hair sprouting on the skin surface as if he just shaved 12 hours ago.

Below is where i added a skin like map to define those wrinkles and pores and also making changes with the nose where i thought it should be wider than the previous version and the nose bone more defined. I know i still need to add more forehead lines that makes the actor fit his age.



Checking the cheek, nose, forehead and chin profile making sure i got the right shape.


I think i will call it a day as New Years Eve is just hours away here in Philippines were ahead of US btw, fireworks waiting at home! Next

Next part ill be completing the ear, neck and the shoulder area details. Happy New Year to All!!!

  • Paul Wilson

    This is awesome. I’m definitely going to need to learn Mudbox sometime this year.

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