Sculpting with Mudbox Pt.1

December.12.2010 · Posted By - Allan

We had a week of rest time before the projects kicks this coming week and i had the chance of jumping into a hobby where i find myself having fun with and learning of course with sculpting, mudbox wasnt a choice but rather i find it a more straightforward than Zbrush sitting in front of my monitor for an hour and i already get what the tools in front of me can do with things i wanted. I thought it was flexible but of course Zbrush is more robust in my opinion, no debate however between the two and both can do the job perfectly if you can utilize all the tools and techniques.

Here i tried a more complex personal learning project that i know if i finished it then i can guarantee myself that i really know how to use the software 🙂

I picked one of the great actor in Hollywood Matthew Mcconaughey, started making the base head shape using Modo and tracing the shape using backdrop technique, polycount was set to a minimum as possible and here i did just under 400 polys



Here is the side profile beginning to take shape as i sculpt it i raised the subdivision level to more than 3k to get the scuplting more pronounced, it takes a lot of time getting the right profile due to nature of the reference pictures i have, you can go back and forth with the level of subdivision adjusting your model, lower subdivision where i edit large portion editing and the highest subdivision on the most critical part of detailing.



The pose i intended to copy, the hair the facial expression and the lighting


The fun part is the detailing, here i increased the poly level to 250k to get the wrinkles and skin texture and will later export the normal map from the highest level and applying to the base level getting the same effect without the heavy polycount.


The detailing will take a while, i wish i can have more freetime to get the part 2 done but im excited to see the result as soon as possible so stay tune!

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