Case Study – Sikorsky Web Experience

May.16.2010 · Posted By - Rex

Production Company: AcSys Interactive, Inhance Digital

Client: Sikorsky

Role: Modeling, Texturing, Effects, Lighting, Animation


The Vision Room is an interactive kiosk application that allows users to explore numerous Sikorsky and Schweizer Aircraft – both civilian and military variations. Using the same digital collateral deployed on Sikorsky’s web site project, we added 11 more aircraft and variations to give users an interactive experience of no less than 23 different aircraft.

Inhance Digital was commissioned to lead the project, and having just completed 3D work for the Sikorsky web site under AcSys Interactive, we were in a good position to continue the work for the interactive application.

Each aircraft had to be built from scratching using 3 Views and reference, some of which was very sketchy or antiquated. In some cases aircraft engineering data were available which required cleanup and additional detailing.

Once an aircraft was completed, it had to be animated for landing and takeoff sequences based on video reference. Also some basic interactive ‘tumbling’ sequences were done on each aircraft for the interactive experience in the Vision Room. Four artists worked on the project.

Each aircraft went through an ardent inspection process and changes had to be executed quickly delaying the remaining development.

The short delivery schedule was met. We continue to work actively with AcSys Interactive and Sikorsky on various projects.  For more details or to see the system live, visit Sikorsky’s web site at

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