Macro Recording with Modo

September.15.2010 · Posted By - Allan

Features covered:

*Basic macro recording using Modo

*Multiple model creation

*Saving macro presets

Macro Recording in Modo

Building a High Quality B-17 – References (Part 2)

September.07.2010 · Posted By - Paul

If you wish to build a high quality vehicle model you will need good references before starting work.  Sometimes I’ll read up a little on whatever I am building in order to gain some perspective and context for what I am building.  In the case of the B-17 I have been reading information on this aircraft for decades and I have gone through more books on this subject than I might care to admit.  While reading about your vehicle might …

Building a High Quality B-17 (First in a Series)

September.07.2010 · Posted By - Paul

Over the next few months I intend to release a series of blogs here on the site related to the building of a B-17 aircraft in Maya.  This particular model is highly detailed and I hope to show through this series the process I went through to build and texture the model.


Over the years PerspectX has built a lot of aircraft models for sale on Turbosquid as well as our own site.  We have essentially become experts in this kind …