March.08.2011 · Posted By - Paul

Several months ago I decided to work on a cathedral chapter house with the intention of using it as a basis for an animation.  A chapter house is a large meeting room associated with cathedrals or collegiate churches.

I first had to do some research to determine how this would look and whether or not I would built a real (existing) chapter house or whether to build a fictional one in the style of a historical chapter house.  In the end …

Building a High Quality B-17 (Part 4)

October.13.2010 · Posted By - Paul

Somewhere in the building process the team made the decision to build two versions of the B-17.  We would build a model that would have a nice exterior and very basic interior and then build a second version with a very detailed interior.  The first version would release in September 2010 and the more advanced version with nice interior would release in summer 2011.

Anyway, with the wings and fuselage finished as well as all the details directly associated with them …

Building a High Quality B-17 (Part 3)

October.11.2010 · Posted By - Paul

Now that I have image planes put together for the model I can start the building process.  Usually with aircraft I start with a cylinder with about 20 faces.  From that cylinder I can extrude it out to create a rough fuselage shape for the aircraft.  Once that was done I built a wing by creating an airfoil shape with “Create Polygon Tool”.  This shape was then extruded out to create the wing.  Once I had a basic fuselage and …