July.27.2011 · Posted By - Rex

You can spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on special viewing hardware, sets, and special compositing and editing software, but I wanted to talk about how to dabble in it ‘on the cheap’, where the additional investment might just be $6.00 and some patience. (using my trusty, bought and paid for animation and compositing, editing tools).

I’d recommend, for this route, if you do not already have a 3DVision or other stereo setup, just to get some good Anaglyphic Red/Cyan glasses.  …

Case Study – US Capitol Project

March.24.2011 · Posted By - Rex

Mini Documentary related to this Blog Entry.

In September of 2009 we worked on a federal government project, for a series of animations and mini-documentaries related to the US Capitol. These were to be used for various visitor education and information needs.

We were tasked with constructing 19 detailed buildings, and detail and landscape a large area of the capitol. We also had to construct a much larger area of city in a lower detail fashion, representing roughly a 2 mile by …

Ten Free or Cheap Utilities For a Small Studio

November.18.2010 · Posted By - Rex

As many of you know, or are overwhelmed with, starting a studio up is still very expensive, with hardware and software costs impacting in the tens of thousands of dollars – or more.  I just wanted to share with you some of the software tools we’ve used for the last 5 years at PerspectX – hoping to get any suggestions you might have and hopefully inform you of some you may not know about.

I’m not really even going to get …