Building Herman – Part 1

September.21.2010 · Posted By - Rex

About a month ago, I set out on a project to start building a character in my off hours – A cartoon character for a short I want to produce some day.  I just wanted to talk broadly about the methods that I used in Maya to get the character, ‘Herman’, to the point of UV unwrapping and texturing, which will be Part II.  Part III will be rigging.

Herman is a paranoid hermit of sorts. I drew the character reference …

Macro Recording with Modo

September.15.2010 · Posted By - Allan

Features covered:

*Basic macro recording using Modo

*Multiple model creation

*Saving macro presets

Macro Recording in Modo

Case Study – Hotelicopter Viral Animation

June.26.2010 · Posted By - Rex

Production Company: PerspectX

Client: Hotelicopter

Role: Modeling, Texturing, Effects, Lighting, Compositing, Animation


In the spring of 2009, we were contacted by a soon to be in airport hotel booking company, to help pull off an internet hoax.  The idea, based around the name of their venture, was to create an illusion of a supersized transport helicopter, converted in to an in-air travel/hotel service.  Not exactly what Hotelicopter does literally, except for the name sake.

They wanted a vehicle inspired by …